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The DiARC project combines the experience, resources, and expertise of four partners (supported by an extended network of eight associated partners) representing four countries in Western and South-Eastern Europe (United Kingdom and Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovenia respectively). 

The project’s acronym “DiARC” represents Digitalisation, Art, Resilience, and Creativity, the principles that underpin its mission: to build the resilience of young people and art communities to the negative financial consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

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Applying creativity for solving challenges (Door to Design Thinking Part 2)

This is the final Module 5 of the Youth Creativity Training Course. Participants have already discovered the power of their creativity, explored different creative approaches, increased their skill to team up with other participants and are now in the final phase of this journey, where they can “harvest” the knowledge and think further how and […]

Applying creativity for solving challenges (Door to Design Thinking Part 1)

The current Module 4, as well the next Module 5 are dedicated to demonstrating how creativity can be applied to our daily challenges, both individual and community. The content will introduce trainers and learners to a tailored process of creative solution design and implementation, based on Design Thinking, entrepreneurship, and project management methodologies.  Learners will be introduced to a brief […]

Exploring ways of developing your creative practice: Common art projects 

Art comes in many forms; you could address the art form of storytelling and writing in module 2, whereas in module 3 learners will be immersed toother forms of art, particularly visual art.  The current module 3, “Exploring ways of developing your creative practice: Common art projects”, will guide you through a common art project resulting in the creation of […]

Exploring ways of developing your creative practice: Creative writing 

Youth Creativity Training Course | DiARC Project The Youth Creativity Training Course that was developed within the DiARC Project, consists of 18 academic hours, broken down into 5 modules. In between the modules learners are to be engaged in individual and group learning activities. The Course contains 5 modules covering spectrum of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, that will equip […]


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