Welcome to DiARC: Art. Youth. Creativity. Resilience

The DiARC project combines the experience, resources, and expertise of four partners (supported by an extended network of eight associated partners) representing four countries in Western and South-Eastern Europe (United Kingdom and Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovenia respectively). 

The project’s acronym “DiARC” represents Digitalisation, Art, Resilience, and Creativity, the principles that underpin its mission: to build the resilience of young people and art communities to the negative financial consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

Latest Posts

Huge success of the dissemination conference of the DiARC project in Brussels on 18 November 2022

On 18 November in Brussels, Belgium the four partners of the DiARC Project organized final dissemination conference to share the accomplishments of the DIARC project. The brief of the project »DiARC« presents digitalization, art, resilience and creativity, principles on which its mission is based: to build resilience of youth and artistic communities to the negative consequences […]

The value of DiARC to artists: andrew martyn sugars (UK)

andrew martyn sugars is an artist and facilitator with interests in holistic processes such as forest school. practice is transdisciplinary. concerns orbit around space, time and play – what it is to be a curious human being. His project has demonstrated how DIARC can be suitable for a work experience project for an Further Education […]

The value of DiARC to artists: Edit Lakatos (Belgium)

Edit Lakatos is the Founder of Tulipane Design, a social enterprise in Belgium that focuses on the creation of ethnic jewellery and aims to fight domestic violence. She also leads creative workshops to pass on weaving as a tool for relaxation. More info on my project can be found here She says: Diarc helped me […]

From Creativity to Resilience Workshop and International Conference in Brussels, Belgium on 18 November 2022

The international conference “From Creativity To Resilience” will take place on 18th November from 9:30 to 12:30 in Brussels (Full Circle House, Ch. de Vleurgat 89 Brussels 1050). This is the closing event within the DiARC project. The conference is dedicated to promotion of the goals and results of the DIARC project, funded by Erasmus+ (https://diarc.org/). Key […]


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