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The DiARC project combines the experience, resources, and expertise of four partners (supported by an extended network of eight associated partners) representing four countries in Western and South-Eastern Europe (United Kingdom and Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovenia respectively). 

The project’s acronym “DiARC” represents Digitalisation, Art, Resilience, and Creativity, the principles that underpin its mission: to build the resilience of young people and art communities to the negative financial consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

Latest Posts

Use Active Thinking to Solve Your Problems

Article by Mira Yossifova, The Creative Spot One of the essential things to learn is active thinking. Active thinking is the actual process of thought used to solve problems. It is the way we see ordinary things and information and organize them into new, unknown patterns. The way we look from a different perspective and […]

Fine-tune your mindset from growth to great.

Growth Mindset is for Leaders and Great Mindset is for Leaders in Art Article by Svetoslava Stoyanova, NMCT Growth mindset is a well-known concept of not only the ambitious novice – it is also a conscious corporate target of many renowned employers. Carol Dweck, a lead researcher on the topic and author of the book with […]


Summary by Iana Avramova, NMCT Creativity is a buzz-word that we have been hearing every day the past decade. There are many definitions of creativity. The one that resolute the most with us is that creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. One of its characteristics is the ability to view […]


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