Exploring ways of developing your creative practice: Common art projects 

Art comes in many forms; you could address the art form of storytelling and writing in module 2, whereas in module 3 learners will be immersed toother forms of art, particularly visual art

The current module 3, “Exploring ways of developing your creative practice: Common art projects”, will guide you through a common art project resulting in the creation of an online art exhibition. To come to the opening of the exhibition, the participants need to address other relevant competencies. 

In this module, learners will embark on the path on gaining new competencies, including learning  about their inner saboteurs. 

At the end of the course further readings, links to creative content and videos are available. 

You can access the whole module here:

The Youth Creativity Training Course that was developed within the DiARC Project, consists of 18 academic hours, broken down into 5 modules. In between the modules learners are to be engaged in individual and group learning activities. 

The Course contains 5 modules covering spectrum of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, that will equip learners to be social innovation practitioners in the CSO space. 

Photo by Sergio Rota on Unsplash

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