Partner Information

The Mighty Creatives, (Project Co-ordinator,) UK: strong expertise in charity funding management. High expertise in the sphere of youth creativity trainings. Contacts with art and cultural communities. Strong visibility across formal and non-formal education sector. Online learning platform. Access to young learners on a wider scale.

National Management School (NMS) Bulgaria: EU project management expertise. Strong experience in train the trainer’s courses. Ongoing work with young persons through the topics of entrepreneurship education, coaching and soft skills. Wide network of NGO contacts in Bulgaria and beyond, which can be used for dissemination of project outputs. Contacts with academic institutions which can support with validation of intellectual outputs produced.

Celjski Mladinski Center, Javni Zavod Za Mladinsko Kulturo, Izobrazevanje, Informiranje In Sport, Slovenia: EU project management expertise. Strong expertise in the field of youth. Expertise in training of youth workers and art professionals. Strong social activist and outreach practices. The organization is strongly connected to youth relevant networks and organisations on both national and European levels. The organization will bring strong information outreach through its Europe Direct unit.

New Mindset Coaching & Training, Belgium: International collaboration expertise. Strong expertise in coaching on global scale. Expertise in NGO work with focus on entrepreneurial trainings of diverse youth groups. The organization staff has strong expertise in dissemination campaigns, especially through social media and events dissemination activities. Strong know-how in development of tools such as coaching cards, board games. Strong outreach to EU institutions.