Huge success of the dissemination conference of the DiARC project in Brussels on 18 November 2022

On 18 November in Brussels, Belgium the four partners of the DiARC Project organized final dissemination conference to share the accomplishments of the DIARC project. The brief of the project »DiARC« presents digitalization, art, resilience and creativity, principles on which its mission is based: to build resilience of youth and artistic communities to the negative consequences of the pandemic.

The event was curated by Svetoslava Stoyanova from NMCT, Belgium, who also served as a moderator. Nick Owen, from TMC, UK guided the participants through the DiARC activities and outcomes of the project. 

 – Developing open-source content, the Youth Creativity Training Course, to be shared with youth workers and people from training and development – the outcomes;

– Training 15+ youth trainers from the partnering countries and supporting them to create learning content for youth groups they work with;

 – Created support facilitation tool on boosting creativity and workshop design, the online and physical deck of Creativity Cards: 

– Delivered over 10 youth trainings to 150+ various youth audiences both online and onsite in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Belgium and the UK – through our trainers and our core team of partners in the project;

– Delivered online training From Creativity to Resilience to 6 young Ukrainian people who fled the war and are now based in Belgium (one in the UK);

Diana Filip, deputy CEO of JA Europe was invited to deliver a keynote speech on bridging creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. 

Edit Lakatos, one of the Belgian trainers who joined the project shared her lessons learned and how thanks to DIARC she made a transition from jewellery designer to youth worker teaching young people creative practices. 

Mira Pisarevskaia, who fled the war in Ukraine earlier this year and is based now in Belgium shared her learnings and insight from joining the project as a participant. 

 Lachezar Afrikanov from NMS Bulgaria involved the participants in creative workshop activities and helped them gain new inspiration on how to utilize creativity in work and life. Katja Kolenc from MCC Slovenia showed the participants how they can easily define and achieve their goals with the help of creativity and art. 

Nick Owen presented a writing activity which was truly engaging about the audience. 42 guests attended the conference and workshop – youth trainers, university lecturers, individual artists and young people from Belgium who are at the first stage of their career life.

The conference was attended by two international guests, professional coaches, and facilitators from The Netherlands. 

Based on the answers to a feedback survey, participants were completely satisfied and motivated to continue working towards developing creativity as learners as well as trainers. 

“Last Friday I had a chance to meet some very inspired and dedicated persons who are changing the world around them by developing inner resilience and proactive thinking. The impressive work of the whole team of!” shared one of the participants in a LinkedIn post after the conference. 

By drnicko

Awarded an MBE for services to arts-based businesses, I am passionate about generating inspiring, socially engaging, creative practice within educational contexts both nationally and internationally.

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